Who is


Happy Fannie is a Transmedia production Company specializing in interactive multi-platform stories. Fannie develops, produces and markets Transmedia programs, using proprietary technology and unique skills in transmedia planning and creative community management. She aims to spread joy and inspiration through digital awesomeness! Come on in, and see what we can do together.


Crafting Transmedia Stories

• Develop original stories with select authors
• Define the story architecture
• Produce content


Make Your Story Transmediatic

• Enrich and consolidate your bible
• Define the media
• Setup the transmedia planning

Transmedia Technology

Share Your Stories

• Publish your contents with just one tool
• Schedule and link all of your stories
• Build interactions from the start

Creative Community Management

Grow & Engage Your Audience

• Manage conversations
• Adapt your stories on the go
• Engage core players

Fannie Knows

Her Business

Supernatural Oddities

The First French Transmedia Series




Happy Fannie


TV + Web + Mobile


Story architecture
Game design
Transmedia planning
Executive & line production
webdevelopment & webdesign
Creative community management

Fanfan 2

The World's First Transmedia Novel


Alexandre Jardin




Web + iPhone + iPad


Creative consulting
Story architecture
Wireframing & webdesign
Transmediatic & Oahu Technology
Creative community



Design Your
Transmedia Universe

Create, schedule, and link your stories
across platforms

Build Your
Transmedia Universe

Publish contents and micro-apps
across platforms

Fannie's Fans

are Cuties

Morgan Bouchet

Transmedia/Social Media
Director at Orange

Happy Fannie: a creative and agile team, who has a great expertise in her field. Probably one of the first French company who has figured out the rules and benefits of Transmedia.

Alexandre Jardin


Cette bande d'énergumènes a tous les talents, notamment celui d'être courageux : quand vous débloquez, ils vous le disent! Avec douceur mais fermeté...

...Leur créativité est celle d'une bande d'enfants ; ce qui est à mes yeux le plus beau des compliments. Ils ne savent pas, ils cherchent; ils ne cherchent pas, ils trouvent. Avec eux, la modernité devient une occasion de fous rires ; ce qui ne gâche rien.

Who We

Count on Most

Fannie is


Matthieu Chereau
Co-founder & Chairman
Transmedia consultant

Film Critic at Les Cahiers du Cinéma
Film Programmer at the Critic week's Cannes Film Festival
Script Doctor for Alain Robbe Grillet
Author of the French Leading Book "Community Management"
Six Degrees' Chairman

Sandrine Girbal
Co-founder & CEO
Transmedia Producer & Consultant

Production at Central Films
& Fidélité Films (Abel Ferrara, Emir Kusturica)
Producer of the First French transmedia
Series Supernatural Oddities

...and Sonia & Oriane

Fannie Is Interested

In Dating

Talented movie and TV producers,
smart book & comics publishers,
and genius authors and creatives
looking to exchange transmedia
tender advice, tech favors, and
possibly more.

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